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Pure Ear Candles White

Pure Ear Candles White
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Model:  N5321
Brand:  Pure Nails

Ear candles have been used in China for hundreds of years and many consider them beneficial for treating dizziness, stuffy nose, ringing in the ears, lack of concentration, high intracranial low-voltage, emotional instability, imbalance in the brain intracranial nerve, facial neuralgia and laryngitis. The use of the ear candles have a physical function that is created by a light suction action (chimney effect) and the movement of the flame creates a vibration of air in the ear candle, generating a massage-like effect on the eardrum.

The Sunglow ear candles can help to remove ear wax or mucus in the sinuses through the sound frequency vibration created by the flame that penetrates the eardrum which then vibrates the inner ear bones creating an inner ear massage. The combination of the vibration and heat helps to soften wax or mucus that can then be flushed by the body’s lymphatic system.

To Use:
We always advise that you another person present whilst performing this treatment and NEVER attempt the treatment on your own. Always ensure you have a damp towel to hand before starting the process.
 Get Comfortable
Have the wet paper towel beside you before you start. Cut a hole in the centre of a paper plate just large enough for the candle to fit through. Lie on your side and gently place the small end of the candle through the hole in the plate and into your ear canal just far enough to form a tight seal. Make sure the candles is held virtical at all times
Hold the candle in place with your fingers under the plate to protect them from any ash that may fall off the candle. Do not squeeze the candle (this will close off the candle). Make sure the candle is straight up and down (plumb) before lighting.
 When the candle has burned down to a third of its original length, extinguish the flame with the wet paper towel. Remove the candle and insert the next candle and repeat the process until the ear feels clear.
Our customers report successful treatment of nose and throat congestion, sinusitis or other sinus problems, headaches, T.M.J. pain, tinnitus earaches, and swimmers ear. Most day spas and other relaxation professionals tell us that ear candles are an ideal relaxation treatment for stress or anxiety related symptoms.
Do not use ear candles if you meet any of the following conditions
Allergic to bee stings, perforated eardrum, pregnancy women, women in menstruation, suppuration from the ear, Recent ear surgery, Cysts in the ear, Mastoiditis (Inflammation of the bone behind the ear), Ear Drains (tubes) are present, Perforated ear drums, Osteosclerosis, Ankylosis of the stapes (Fusing of the bones in the middle ear), Paracentesis (Surgical puncture of a cavity for the purpose of removing fluid), Tumour of the ear;
You are currently under the supervision of a medical doctor for ear problems

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